Our mission is to expand access to healthcare for those that need it most.

Emissary Health provides healthcare enterprises with the software infrastructure necessary to onboard, engage and deploy healthcare workers that can address critical social determinants of health.

What we do

We strive to fill in gaps in care that can lead to high-quality and low cost healthcare.


Integrate healthcare workers and patients alike, using research-based interventions and interactive materials.

Care Navigation

Help your users anticipate who needs care, including flagging adverse events before they happen.

Scheduling & Telehealth Support

Provide HIPAA compliant features to help manage large and complex populations.

Community Building

Foster relationships and best practices for addressing social determinants of health.

Our approach

Emissary provides the tools and infrastructure to best manage care for large and complex populations.

Research Driven

Proven and proprietary modules.

Data Driven

Real-time updates and analysis.

Community Driven

Built-in network effects.

We work with

  • Health Insurance Companies

  • Third-Party Administrators

  • Agencies

  • Clinics and Hospitals

  • Health Centers

  • State Entities

We’d love to work with you

Emissary works with leading healthcare enterprises to help them build and enhance their products. Find out why.

User Cases


Demand for healthcare workers will outpace supply by 2025.

How we help:

Library of Content

Robust content addressing key components to social determinants of health.

Interactive Modules

Individual and two-way modules that engage audiences.

Real-Time Delivery & Customization

Scale specific training requirements to an entire workforce with a click.

Care Navigation

Decreased emergency visits, lower rate of readmissions.

How we help:

Contact Point

Designated and assigned individual to each individual.

Predictive Analytics

Algorithms flag individuals in danger of an adverse event or hospitalization.

Care Team Integration

Broader care team integration to get everyone on the same page.

Scheduling & Telehealth Support

The combination of mobile technology and observations from care workers in the home can help predict 30-day readmissions.

How we help:

Integrated Calendar

Ability to set availability and manage telehealth and home appointments in one place.

Secure Video Chat

Built-in telehealth functionality.

In-App Chat

HIPAA compliant text and chat, all managed in one place.

Community Building

Up to 70% of healthcare workers report feeling some form of loneliness.

How we help:

Community Forums

Specific threads for healthcare workers to connect in their local geographies.

Knowledge Share

Best practice sharing where individuals can voice questions and comments.

Interaction & Engagement

User-friendly filtering, replying and reactions to content.

Our Values

Live Compassion

We work in an industry where compassion should be a prerequisite.

Think Different

Challenge the status quo. We know the world is in need of truly unique solutions.

Servant Leadership

Leadership is synonymous with responsibility, and we don’t take it lightly.

Foster Community

From inside of our organization to the communities around us, progress takes a village. It always does.

Work Ethic

We believe hard work is the only guaranteed path to doing right by our customers and ourselves.

Integrity without Recognition

When no one’s looking, when it’s inconvenient, that’s when our integrity matters most.

Join Us.

We’re on a mission to solve some of the biggest problems in healthcare, and we’re always looking for talented people to help us.

While we may not have specific roles posted, it doesn’t mean we don’t have space for you on our team.

If you’re passionate about our mission and values, we can’t wait to meet you.